Wong, Raymond. “You’ve never seen an Android tablet with a keyboard this sweet.” .  6 Feb 2017. Web. 6 Feb 2017.

The main idea is that the new android tablet has a cool new keyboard. Although it looks cool it is uncomfortable for long periods of time. I believe this source is credible because Raymond Wong used to be the Deputy editor on NBC’s tech magazine DVICE. I believe that tech is one of the things most talked about in today’s media as it is ever changing to satisfy consumer demand like the Yogabook A12 does.

Taylor, Chris. “Everything we know about Disney’s secretive Star Wars Land.” . 8 Feb 2017. Web. 8 Feb 2017.

The article is about Disney’s upcoming attraction Star wars land that will open around 2019. The project costs at least 1 billion dollars and each park will be 14 acres large. It will be featuring a unnamed planet and the ability to fly the millennium falcon.  I believe this source is credible because the author has 15 years of experience and at one time was bureau chief for time magazine. This is interesting to compare to English in the 21st century because we are using on form of media to to talk about another form of media. and I believe that it is occurrences like this that drive the study of today’s medias.


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