Dominant American Values in Advertising

  1. This one appeals to efficiency and practicality because it shows how easy it is to use.
  2. Appeals to Achievement and success because “if you want to succeed you need to have a website”

The intended audience is small business owners.  It successfully targets that audience by grabbing their attention, and then showing them highly successful people so that people associate their company with success. Who doesn’t want to be successful?

  1. Moral Orientation: Most people associate activism with good morals.
  2. Adventure: it appeals to this by taking her all over the world in what we can only assume is her Eco friendly Kia Niro.

The intended audience is people who like being eco-friendly and are also looking to upgrade their car. It successfully targets this audience via catchy music and funny  scenarios depicting how hard it is to be a Eco-friendly. But wait! Kia’s new car is Eco-Friendly and its easy to do!

  1. Achievement and Success: It shows him over coming many obstacles to achieve success.
  2. Activity and Work:  he works hard to begin his bushiness so his self worth is high

Th intended audience is people over the age of 21 who enjoy drinking beers. It successfully achieves this target by making their beer seems like a masterpiece, and that they should drink it because it is a true american dream success story. It also shows that he is so confident that his beer is better that he went through all that trouble just to make it.


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