Nicolson, Barry. “Mike Posner Interview: His ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ Earworm And Taking On Lukas Graham In The Charts.” NME. N.p., 20 Sept. 2016. Web. 23 May 2017.

“Mike Posner Interview.” DJBooth. DJBooth, n.d. Web. 23 May 2017.

Part 1:

Mike Posner writes his music based off of experiences and feeling he has. He puts all of his emotions into a single bundle of a song and releases it. For example his song “I took a pill in ibiza” is about how he has grown to accept that he was a one-hit wonder and it talks about how he dealt with that and what he felt going through it. Funnily enough in the song that he sings that he already “blew his shot” got him another one.

Part 2:

Mike Posner is 29 year-old singer/songwriter whose career first took off in 2008 when he was in college. He became the poster boy for a one hit wonder and slipped off into the shadows and wrote music for a while, but recently he has had another hit.

The intended audience was his hardcore fans who followed him after his first big hit, but after his last big song “took a pill in Ibiza” he unintentionally hit a much larger audience, that being the club audience. The one thing he was advocating against in his song became the go to song for the club scene.

I was exposed to him first back in 2008 with his first hit and once again more recently with his latest hit. I heard them both on the radio after they were popular but that doesn’t surprise me because I am not a massive music fan.

Some common themes are emotions. Sometimes he is on the top of the world and sometimes he feels like the scum of the earth. His emotions at the time of writing really seem to affect the style and feel of his songs.

The artists purpose behind this song was to take something bad in his life and turn it into something that can make others be happy.

Part 3:

Who do you turn to in your times of need and how did they help you?

Did you feel that becoming a big star in college isolated you from you peers?

If your first song hadn’t made it big would you have kept trying?

What drives you to keep making music?

What one event do you think has had the greatest impact on your personality and what did it change about you?



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