Pop Music

Personally speaking, I dislike Pop music because it is very similar to a disease. It slowly infects everyone it is around getting stuck in their head.  Pop songs that are catchy get stuck in everyone’s heads so people start playing the song until it gets somewhat popular. The popular pop music then gets played on the radio where it then gains even more traction as it shoots off into popularity because more and more people are hearing it. And it just keeps on scaling like this until one of two things happen: 1: everyone gets so sick of it that we actually fight back and it stops getting played everywhere or 2: it is replaced with a new and fresh pop song ready to infect everyone. Another reason why I hate Pop music is because it feels like there is no connection to the artist.  Almost all Pop songs feel like they were made for the sole purpose of making money. Not to say make something beautiful or to inspire other but simply to make money. This shows the most with meaningless and repetitive lyrics. I.E.  Bohemian rhapsody and Call Me Maybe. Bohemian rhapsody which is widely known as a master piece compared to call me maybe which repeats a chorus 4 times and another portion of the lyrics twice. It feels like there is no meaning in these lyrics and like no effort was put in to them.


Billboards top 100:

One of the biggest trends that I notice right off the bat is that almost every top 100 song is from a big name artist or band. It seems like the number of one hit wonders has gone down a ton since 2010. I believe this is because in this day and age it is much harder to get noticed and if you are already big, you will have media hounding you and waiting for everything new you make then giving you tons of free publicity.  Also it seems that most of the songs on the Top 100 are all original content. The Top 100 doesn’t seem like a very forgiving environment for remixes.  The vast majority of the songs on the Top 100 are pop songs and rap music. The type I see least often on the Top 100 list (thankfully) is country.


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