Video Commentary

  1. The song is about Lil Dicky’s life and how he doesn’t have the stereotypical rapper backstory but how he still wants to make it big just like them.
  2. It has a serious under tone but it is spun in a way that is funny, especially with the video The song and video seems to reflect his personality a lot that way.
  3.  Because it animates everything he talks about and even manages to  amplify the comedic effect that his songs usually have.
  4. It is a very stereotypical white suburban childhood and life. That is, up until his passion for rapping so yes, I would say that this lifestyle is quite easily attainable.
  5. The song and video is very much Like Lil Dicky in the fact that he raps about some pretty serious stuff sometimes but he always has his funny/lighthearted way to spin it to make the message easier to breakdown.

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