The importance of this film in today’s perception of online identity and catfish in general is that it shows that it can happen to anyone.  Most people before seeing this assumed that it would be easy to tell or that people wouldn’t go to such great lengths to keep hidden.  But this video really highlights the depth that people will go to such as crating and controlling 6 different Facebook accounts to make one seem real or even setting up a mailing address for someone else’s house.  I believe that this film and the TV show has shifted us into being more critical of a society towards online relationships. once it became known that people actually do this suddenly you start making sure that every detail is in place and if it isn’t then you are skeptical.  And since everyone is now skeptical it puts pressure on people and companies to get all of their eggs in a row so that people don’t question them.  In conclusion the emergence of this video changed how people view online relationships and cat-fishing as a whole.


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