How have video games improved the way that we interact and make friendships in the 21st century?  Video games have changed the way we interact in 3 main ways.  Number one, video games allow us access to a much larger group of people with similar interests as us. “57% of boys between the ages of 13-17 have made a friend playing video games”(Lenhart, 2015).  Where as before you may have only ever been able to meet people who lived near you, now with the click of a button you are thrust into a world teeming with people. Number 2, using video games as a medium people aren’t going to factor in appearance while deciding who to be friends with. Instead friendships are based on the players actions and personality within the game.  Number 3, video games have the unique advantage of creating a common goal among players, and a common goal is the foundation to a great long-lasting friendship.  In conclusion video games have improved the way we interact and make friendships by giving us a larger audience, removing the physical aspect of making new friends and lastly, by laying the groundwork for a strong friendship.


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